"Rose was meant to do this as she is pure love and light and it emits from her entire being"

- Client

About Me

I am a support for those who are seeking assistance on their persona​l spiritual journey at this time. More specifically, I am a support for those just starting to navigate their spiritual journey and are seeking knowledge, direction and mentoring; those in the middle stages of their spiritual journey who want to make further progress; and those who have been on their spiritual journey for quite some time and are trying to assess what direction they want to go in in the future.

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Something I have valued in my own spiritual journey is how important it is to trust oneself in combination with trusting those who have one’s best interest at heart. Optimally, we really are a village and sometimes working with a caring professional who has traditional training in counseling as well as personal experience of being on the spiritual path can be very transformative and soul strengthening. I know I have gained so much from all those practitioners that I have sought guidance from on my spiritual path.

Furthermore, I have the flexibility to work with people short term, long term or even intermittently. I can assist you by listening to you and sharing my perspective based on my education, training, and what I have learned from being on the spiritual path throughout my life. I am a caring professional offering healing modalities as noted on the Spiritual Counseling page on this website. Also, I am in a position to give clients referrals to other healing professionals if and when the need arises.

The vast majority of people are working toward their happiness, wellbeing and peace for themselves and for those they love. If you so choose, I am available to take a few steps with you on your personal spiritual journey.

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Rose Marie Ross, M.S.W.

361-B Nassau Street

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Princeton, NJ 08540
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