It was a great experience!!  I truly feel awakened and renewed.  It is as if I have opened a door to the person I strive to be.  During the session, I felt like I was in an embrace in a beautiful protected space.  When our session was over, I opened my eyes and looked at Rose and I can’t even explain how it felt to see the tenderness and love expressed on her face.  Rose was meant to do this as she is pure love and light and it emits from her entire being.  She is intelligent, a generous listener, gentle and sweet, and wise beyond her years.  After the session, I continue to use the mala beads she gave me to use during my meditations.  From my current vantage point, I feel more peace within, more wisdom and knowing, and I am more clear and open to receive all that is meant for me.  I am so impressed with Rose and her business, Higher Ground Spiritual Counseling.  As a result, I encourage others to try Spiritual Healing Hypnosis/Past Life Regression for I believe you will thank yourself and your higher self for doing so! 

- Shari

Rose Marie Ross of Higher Ground helped me so much in connecting with an unexplored part of my myself, thereby, providing me with the opportunity to experience a sense of closure regarding some tragic circumstances in my life. The environment created by Rose is warm, calm and relaxing and it helped me  to be completely open with myself, thus, giving me the opportunity to face and honestly answer difficult questions that I was previously not ready to confront and address. I certainly recommend this experience to anyone who would welcome a kind and gentle spiritual guide, in the form of Rose, who I believe is a person of high integrity, intelligence, and has a heartfelt desire to improve the lives of others who may be suffering in silence unnecessarily.

- Steven

Princeton, NJ

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